Be HOSSOME Youth Crew T-Shirt

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T-SHIRT: Unisex BeHossome (powder blue)
"Thirty three, thirty three, set, hike!" For decades and counting MudBowl enthusiasts journey to the mountainous region in Julian for the annual trial. As the victorious group huddled together for one last opportunity, the image of this handsome gentleman will forever be seen as tying them together. The Hossome name and brand is derived from the classical Cartwritian family name of the 1960's. The pullover style and large round neckline is a welcome substitute to the ordinary thick milk cotton. Raglan ring spun short sleeve for movement and comfort. Preferred (but not required) to be worn on the field of play. Should someone say, "good game, old chap," just smile and "Be-Hossome" with this beautiful fitting shirt.

NeonCRM by Neon One